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Unilever Life Hack Posters

Unilever Life Hacks

Packaging Design


Design and develop a product, system or business model for Fast Moving Consumer Goods based on principles of circular design and value creation.

You may want to also consider how other waste materials as a consequence of using an FMCG product can be re-purposed.


My solution is an awareness campaign about how FMCG product packaging could be repurposed. Each product has a life hack tutorial behind their label, with details about the campaign and suggests visiting Unilever’s website for more tutorials or to submit their own ideas.

As part of the campaign, I imagine a series of different posters and other type of advertising in supermarkets, TV, social media, billboards, etc.


For my proposal, I created three labels for three different Unilever products.

The first one, is Dove’s shower gel; the bottle can be transformed into a wall mountable holder, ideal for keeping office supplies, kitchen utensils, or anything what fits in. The life hack description is on the back of the bottle, which is visible when the label is lifted from the bottom.


The second product is Hellmann’s Mayonnaise jar. Once emptied it can be used as a candle lamp.

The life hack is printed on the inner side of the label and once taken off, it can be read and stored for future projects.


The last product is Lipton’s Ice Tea, which was transformed into a hanging plastic bag dispenser.

Ideal for storing shopping bags in one place and it is extremely easy to build.

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