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Perception - Swapping Product Packaging


Swapped Packaging


This project is an attempt to change the way we perceive well-known products. The aim is to confuse our mind and to point out the fact that all these brands are in a way hard-wired into our brain. My idea is to swap products branding by not just randomly mixing the labels, but swapping the packaging as well.

For example, we all know how a bottle of coke looks even without any labels, yet what if the coke is in a completely different packaging using the same branding?

Soda cans can be replaced with bean cans, milk can be poured in a whiskey bottle, oranges can be placed in a tennis ball tube, how would mayo, mustard or ketchup look like in a shampoo bottle? I had all this weird ideas and by just imagining this products in different packaging made me curious.




The final output is a booklet with an unusual binding. I misspelled the name of the book, which is an addition to the idea of perception; even if it has the words mixed up, it is still readable.

The second element of “confusing the mind” is the pagination of the book. On the outside, it looks like a simple book, but in the inside it has a parallel binding and the pages must be turned at the same time.

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