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TV Ident


Design and produce a storyboard and short promotional launch sequence.

Your sequence must offer a short narrative that delivers a message or title on screen.


The first part of the video is a TV Ident, representing the wide range of movies available on the channel and I imagined it by creating a 3D space with floating “TV screens” and each screen featured a movie genre, like action, drama, comedy, etc.

The second part features a series of animations which would appear after every show and while watching the trailer of the next show an info box appears with details about what’s coming next and also what’s coming after that. After the info box disappears, it moves to the lower third of the screen and keeps showing the name of the TV show, then at the end of the trailer appears the TV channel’s logo again, but always with a unique design related to the TV show.

All in all, I’m happy with the animation. It’s something I have never done before and I really enjoyed doing it, this experience leads to new opportunities and I will definitely continue learning After Effects.


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